RZís Unlimited was founded in order to preserve the heritage of the last legal 2-stroke production street bike of its size in this country.  We are dedicated to the preservation and improvement of the RZ-350.  We operate a full time business devoted to your needs.

We're currently working on updating our web site.  Please call for the latest RZ350 upgrades available.  Research and development for the RZ350 is ongoing.  Exclusive items of interest are Aluminum Damper Brackets, OEM Graphics, Battery Eliminator, Stainless Steel GP Chambers with Carbon Fiber Canisters, Twin Headlight Full Fairing, Aluminum Battery Box, 2 into one Air Filter Kit, Carburetor Jet Kits, Steering Head Bearings, Suspension Up-Grades, Steel Braided Brake Line Kits and Stainless Steel Engine-Case Cover Sets.

If you need anything in particular we either have it or would be more than happy to get it for you.  We maintain a large stock of both New and Pre-Owned Factory parts including discontinued items. Our experts specialize in Paint & Body, Plastic Repair, Machine Work, Suspension Modifications and Engine Building.


1635 Loma Crest Unit C * Glendale, CA 91205

Shop: (818) 502-1919 Fax: (818) 502-0008
Hours: M-F 8am-7pm Sat 9am-12 Noon


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